Using LinkedIn to find companies is a great way to research and get visibility on an entire market segment. To add companies from LinkedIn, you must have an account with LinkedIn, and you must have Adenzo’s Chrome extension installed. (For information about installing the Chrome extension, see Installing the Adenzo Chrome Extension Tool.)

To add companies to a company list:

  1. Make sure you’re logged into Adenzo and LinkedIn.
    Adenzo dialog
  2. In the Adenzo dialog, in the Companies List select one of the company lists in your Adenzo account. This list receives any companies that you add.
    Select Companies
  3. To search for companies, on the left side of LinkedIn’s Search box, click the currently showing icon and then click Companies and then click the Search button.
  4. When LinkedIn shows a page of companies, if you wish, filter the list by selecting options on the left. For example, specify a country, an industry, and a company size. (Notice that your filters appear at the top of the page.)LinkedIn companies filtered
  5. In the filtered list, to add a specific company, click the Add to Adenzo button next to the summary for each company. (As you click each one, the button becomes an Added button.) To add all the companies found, click Add All in the Adenzo dialog or to add all the companies on the page and automatically view the next page, click Add All & Next Page.
  6. In Adenzo, verify that the companies are now in the specified list.

When you see a company listed on the Search Results page, you can also click the company’s name to view details about the company. On that page, to add that company to the list, verify that the company’s name appears in the Adenzo dialog and then click Add Company in the dialog.

Add One Company