is an online business directory for companies in the UK. If the company you want to add is not available through LinkedIn, you can use the Adenzo extension to locate companies available on

Before adding companies from, be sure to have a Company List created in Adenzo. For information, see Working with Company Lists.

To add contacts from

  1. Sign into your Adenzo account.
  2. Go to
    Adenzo dialog
  3. In the Adenzo dialog, in the Companies List, specify which company list should receive the information.
  4. Type keywords for locating companies in the Search box and click Search.
    Yell filter
  5. When shows a page with those companies, to limit the companies shown, click the Filter button and specify a Category, the type of Content, or a Location.
  6. Scroll through the list to determine which companies to add.
    Company on
  7. To add a specific company, click the Add to Adenzo button next to the summary for each company. (As you click each one, the button becomes an Added button.)
    If you wish, to add all the companies found on the current page, click Add All in the Adenzo dialog. To add all the companies on the current page and automatically go to the next page, click Add All & Next Page.
  8. In Adenzo, verify that the added companies now appear in the specified list.