To add contacts from LinkedIn, you must have an account with LinkedIn and you must have Adenzo’s Chrome extension installed. (For information, see Installing the Adenzo Chrome Extension Tool.)

To add contacts from LinkedIn:

  1. In Adenzo, click Contact Lists in the left navigation bar.
  2. Make sure that you have an existing contact list for the LinkedIn contacts. (If you don’t, see Working with Contact Lists.)
  3. In a new tab or window, log into LinkedIn.
  4. To locate contacts, in the Search box, type the keywords for your search. (For example, you can type Sales Manager.)
    By default, LinkedIn searches for all relevant items.
    Specify title
  5. From the list provided by LinkedIn, select People with XX titles.
    This limits those listed to people based on the keywords you specified.
    Adenzo dialog for contacts
  6. When LinkedIn shows a page with people, in the Adenzo extension’s dialog on the right, select the contact list for these LinkedIn contacts.
    LinkedIn Contacts
  7. To add individuals, click the Add to Adenzo button next to the summary for each person to add. (As you click each one, the button becomes an Added button.)
    To add all the contacts found on that page, click Add All in the Adenzo dialog, or to add all the companies on the page and automatically view the next page, click Add All & Next Page.
    Alternatively, go to the individual’s profile. In the Adenzo extension’s dialog on the right, verify the correct contact list’s name appears and click Add Contact. (After you click this button, it shows Contact Added.)
  8. In Adenzo, verify that the contacts are now in the specified list.

With the method given, you are limited to viewing full names for first- and second-degree contacts. Also, LinkedIn may consider your activity as being commercial and require that you have a Premium account. To circumvent these limitations, you can use the Adenzo extension with Google. For details, see Adding Contacts with a Google Search.