With the method given in the Adding Contacts from LinkedIn article, you are limited to viewing full names for first- and second-degree contacts. Also, LinkedIn may consider your activity as being commercial and require that you have a Premium account. To circumvent these limitations, you can use the Adenzo Chrome extension with Google.

To add contacts through a Google search on LinkedIn:

  1. Log into Adenzo.
  2. Log into LinkedIn.
  3. On a new tab or window, go to google.com.
  4. In Chrome’s toolbar, click the Adenzo icon, Adenzo Chrome Icon.

    Contact search with Google

  5. In the Adenzo dialog on the Prospect Search tab, specify your search criteria.
    For example, to search for sales managers, type Sales Manager in the Job Title/Responsibility box.
  6. After filling in the necessary search criteria, click Start Search.
    Google contact list
    Adenzo dialog for contacts
  7. In the Adenzo dialog, specify the contact list for the contacts you add.
  8. In the Google page, to add individuals, click Add to Adenzo. (As you click each button, it becomes an Added indicator.)
    To add all the contacts found on the current page, click Add All in the Adenzo dialog or to add all the contacts on the page and automatically view the next page, click Add All & Next Page.
  9. In Adenzo, verify that the contacts are now in the specified contact list.