What if you add a contact but there’s no email address given with the contact information? If this happens, you can have Adenzo ‘discover’ an email address for that contact. Usually if you have a name and a valid company domain, Adenzo can determine a valid email address.

If Adenzo cannot provide a valid email address for some reason, you may have to call the company and ask for the email address.

To discover an email address:

  1. In the left navigation bar, click Contact Lists.
  2. On the Contact Lists page, scroll through the groups until you find the list with the contact of interest.
  3. In that contact list’s row, click the View Contacts button, View Contacts.
  4. In that list, click one of the contacts.
    Discover email address
  5. On the Contact Details page, click the Discover Email button under the contact’s name.
    It may take a few moments for Adenzo to determine an email address or notify you that it cannot. If Adenzo was able to determine a valid email address, it appears under the contact’s name.
    Email address found
  6. If Adenzo was unable to determine an email address, click Email Audit Trail to see what the problem was. (You may need to adjust the company website associated with the contact or, possibly, get the email address by calling that person’s company.)

Once you have a valid email address for a contact, then you can send that person email messages from within Adenzo.