Remember the aim for using Adenzo is to turn contacts into leads — not to manage a complex sales process. (Although it is possible to run a simple sales process through Adenzo.) Therefore, once you obtain valid contacts, a staged campaign focuses on turning those contacts into leads. A staged campaign is typically 7-10 steps over a two-week period consisting of email messages and phone calls. Once a prospect indicates interest after any stage, you push that prospect into a CRM or have that contact handled through another list here in Adenzo.

When setting up a staged campaign, you indicate what each stage is (typically an email message or a phone call) and when the action should take place. The stages are ‘semi-automatic’ because they still require a human to implement them. If there are delays at one stage, the subsequent stages do NOT get triggered prematurely.

The general steps are:

  1. Create a series of stages with email, phone, and other tasks.
    See Setting Up and Adjusting Stages.
  2. Add contacts to the first stage.
    See Adding and Moving Contacts to Stages.
  3. Run the stages and perform the tasks.
    See Running Stages in Campaigns.
  4. Move contacts to the next stage as needed.
    See Adding and Moving Contacts to Stages.
  5. Continue to run the stages, perform the tasks, and move the contacts as needed until the campaign is complete.